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104th Trainees Squad

First Appearance

Chapter 2

Last Appearance

Chapter 3


Humanity, Scouting Legion, Stationary Guard, Military Police

The 104th Trainees Squad is the only graduating class introduced in the series and contains nearly all of the central characters.

The top ten of the class, those with the best grades, included, in order:

As with all graduating classes, only those in top ten can apply to the Military Police, giving them the privilege of living in the Inner District. The 104th was disbanded at the end of the graduation ceremony.

Not in the top ten, but a graduate of note is Armin Arlelt, a student whose physical abilities are lacking, but exceeds in strategy and intellect.

Another one also not in the top ten, but is considered in it is Ymir. Her abilities are rumoured to easily surpass Christa Renz's but because of unknown reasons she left the spot to her.



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