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Looks and Charactistics

This titan is very dangerous and appears to half very long arms almost reaching its feet. It has a lot of ape characteristics thus having hairy arms, legs, and face. It very tall who reaches about 30 feet higher than a usual building in this anime.

Some might consider this type of titan an Abnormal but later on in the chapter they start to question what this type actually is and will it come back...

What This Titan Actually Does...

The Ape Titan unlike any other titan actually talks. In manga 9 it starts to control the titans when they are around Mike. The titan tells the other regular types of titans to stop and to start going. This titan appears with others inside Wall Rose. They notice that it is impossible but question why this actually happens.

This titan does throw a horse and squeezes another head off a titan's body. it is dangerous but does act calm like it is harmless. They do think this titan brings other titans. Hence this is why they think this is a person inside a titans body like Eren or Annie. The one thing that is preventing them from thinking that is it controls others and those titans don't harm it. It talks to the titans and controls them. No one knows what is it capable of after their shelter fell.

Before Mike died this special titan does say, "My word, they really do think up interesting things."

What Happened Later On...

The Ape titan went into Connie's village or let the titans into the village. They try to take care of the titans. As the titans roam the first one to notice this special titan was Mike. Also known as one of the notable members from the Survey Corps. Mike doesn't talk out of shock staring at it. It talked slow and made the titans stop. He was surprised it could actually talk. He remembers that Eren in his titan form cannot talk, Annie never talked they only screamed. He guess this type was an abnormal but later only a few saw this titan.

Mike calls for his horse and does try to get out of his troubles. But as the titan's eyes cross that moving animal. It slowly picks up Mike's horse and throws it. A far distance was obtained and it had to pass away. He couldn't believe his eyes and had no more hope left in himself.

Later on Mike gets caught by a very small titan that has a big head and huge eyes. His legs are now in that titan's mouth but it chew on them. The Ape titan grabs its head and crushes it only with its hands because it would not listen to it. Once it kills that titan the giant ape notices the maneuver gar and takes it off of Mike having him scared for his life. As he takes the gear away leaving him without anything he calls the titans to finally move.

After a few bites his body was gone, he died painfully. With that the titan soon left that place and later appeared at Castle Utgard.

Later on people believe it called the titans there. Reiner, Krista, and a few other comrades that protected them until they lost their lives too. The last moment you see the Ape Titan is when it goes out of Wall Rose and vanishes after it looks at what the Survey Corpse has one to the titans. It was actually quite amazed.

That was the Ape Titan's last appearance in Attack on Titan, so far.

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