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Then you have an idea about what is in the nape of our necks.

—The Ape Titan


The Ape Titan
Ape Titan

Unique Abilities


Wall Climbing

Titan Manipulation



At least 17 meters tall


Human, Titan Shifter


The Ape Titan is very dangerous and appears to have very long arms almost reaching its feet. The Titan is also very tall in stature easily dwarfing the average Titans around the wall; however, the Titan's most distinct feature is in it's ape like appearance. The Titan's body is almost completely covered with thick, dark colored hair and it's arms, hands, and feet appear to be very humanlike.

The Ape Titan is able to perform a multitude of things that other Titans within the series cannot. For example, this Titan displays the ability to communicate with humans and is shown fluently speaking the human language. The Ape Titan also displays the ability to climb walls and this is most likely the way that it was able to invade the walls without actually breaking them. Lastly, this Titan is shown to have tremendous intelligence and has the ability to analyze human technology as well as use it's knowledge to manipulate other Titans around itself.

Many consider this type of Titan to be an abnormal and unpredictable being and near the end of it's invasion, many people begin to question just what the Titan is and if it will return to the walls to cause more chaos and calamity along with the other Titans. It is thought that the Ape Titan, otherwise known as the Beast Titan, is actually Grisha Jaeger, Eren's father or 104th cadet Marco Bott.

The Unique AbilitiesEdit

The Ape Titan, unlike any other Titan, has the ability to speak the human
Ape Titan Climbing

The Ape Titan climbing Wall Maria.

language. In chapter 45, it even manages to control the Titans when they capture Mike Zakarius. The Titan tells the other regular types of Titans to stop devouring Mike while he tries to communicate with Mike and further analyze mankind's powers against the Titans. The Titan can also utilize a loud roar of sorts to call Titans to a certain location similar to some of the Titan Shifters. It is also able to climb over the large walls that protect humanity and infiltrate mankind's defenses. It is implied that this Titan can also transform ordinary humans into ordinary lower classed Titans. This theory was first presented by members of the Scouting Legion who noticed odd things about the Titan "attack" in Conny's hometown. Despite making many logical conclusions about the Ape Titan, much of this Titan's background, origin, and abilities are unknown to humanity.

The Ape Titan InvadesEdit

The Ape Titan manages to invade Conny's village and it is suggested
The Ape Titans last look

The Ape Titan glances over as Castle Utgard is bombarded by Titans.

that this Titan was able to transform the residents within the village into Titans. In the midst of the Titan invasion, Mike Zakarius notices this very unique Titan just strolling about the area. When The Titan notices Mike's horse, it throws the horse at him and causes Mike to fall into the grasp of the Titans waiting below; however, the Ape Titan tells the other Titans in the surrounding area to wait and let it ask Mike some questions; however, Mike doesn't talk out of shock and is stunned simply staring at it. Mike remembers that Eren in his titan form cannot talk and neither could Annie as she could only scream.

This Titan later appears near Castle Utgard and slowly advances toward the outer walls toward Wall Maria; however, before climbing over the wall, the Titan roars loudly to call a swarm of Titans toward the remains of Castle Utgard. It then slips over the wall without being detected by anyone else.

After the Invasion, it is suggested that the Titan actually lead the Titan onslaught through the walls. This discovery disturbs many within the Survey Corps and many begin to question whether the abnormal Titan will return to invade the walls of humanity. The Survey Corps also begin to suggest that the other Titan Shifters, Annie, Bertolt, and Reiner, might be allied with this Titan. Ymir states that when Bertolt and Reiner saw the Titan, they were ecstatic like adolescent children.


  • It also appears to take interest in the 3DMG as it takes it for "study" from a survey corp member and regards humans like worms. It is shown it hasn't had contact with humans for a long time since it took such interest in the 3DMG that Mike was wearing.

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