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Commander Erwin Smith is the current commanding officer of the scout legion. He is a skilled commanding officer and is more than tactically adept. While many feel that he can be heartless or uncaring because he is able to make tactical decisions seemingly without feelings in regards to the anguish or well being of his soldiers. However Commander Erwin cares deeply about all of the subordinates under his command and about humanity as a whole. He is one of the few who understands that to fight the titans one may have to sacrifice his or her own humanity, or at the very least put it aside. While not treasonous Commander Erwin is more than willing to bend the rules or make decisions that cause friction between himself and those above him. He is largely responsible for keeping the scout regiment from being disbanded on more than one occasion. His Hair is a light blonde Color with some dark blonde on the sides.His eyes are blue.He has eyebrows that are close together other than that he is perfectly spaced apart.

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