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Rico Brzenska
Rico in anime
Name Rico Brzenska
Kanji リコ・プレツェンスカ
Biological Information
Gender Female
Height 156 cm
Weight 52 kg
Affiliation Stationary Guard
Grad Rank Unknown
Species Human
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Chapter Thirteen
Anime Michiko Kaiden
Image Gallery
Rico Brzenska (リコ・プレツェンスカ Riko Brezensuka?) is the Squad Leader of the 1st Division Elite Force of the Stationary Guard. She is the sole survivor of the elite squads assigned to protect Eren during the liberation of Trost District. She does not trust Eren and still views him as an unstable threat.


Rico is first seen in Ch. 13 where she observed Eren in Titan form going berserk. She hastily signals mission failure, but Ian convinces her to continue.

When Eren recovers, she, along with the rest of the elite squad, cut a path to the breach. At one point, when a titan converges on Armin, Rico rams her swords into its eye and Mikasa finishes it off. When the rock is finally in place, she observes that everyone else is dead and they are later rescued by Rivaille.


Rico's view of Eren.

She also testifies against Eren at his trial in Ch. 19, convinced that he is a danger to himself and humanity.

Rico does not appear again until Ch. 38, when the Stationary Guard is deployed against the Titans which have mysteriously appeared within Wall Rose. Rico is in charge of the Eastern line of defense, where her squad lures Titans into cannon fire and she uses her Vertical maneuvering equipment to cut their necks while they're disabled.

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