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Stationary Guard

Dot Pixis


Guarding and Maintaining the Wall

Notable Members

Dot Pixis, Hannes, Rico


Humanity, Scouting Legion, Military Police

The Stationary Guard is the largest of the Military divisions which protects and maintains order within the Walls. Given the fatality rate of the Scouting Legion and the limited entry of the Military Police, most soldiers join the Stationary Guard. As they often have close contact with both Titans and human civilians, they are proficient over a wide variety of tasks such as Titan combat (defensive battles), cannonading, security detail, crowd control, and rifle usage.


The Stationary Guard takes care of all defenses for the Wall, whether it be patrols, repairs, or improvements. As such, they spend much of their time preparing for attacks against the Wall. The Stationary Guard man the cannons on the Wall ledge, that is often used for long-range Titan assault. They must also deal with civilian evacuation and have emergency plans for dealing with scenarios where the Wall is breached.


Being the main fighting force of the 3DMG soldiers, the men and women of the Stationary Guard come from all backgrounds and views. Most are simply afraid of dying or unwilling to give their lives for what they believe to be foolish causes. The great deal of diversity also gives great talent to the Stationary Guard. Imaginative and magnetic men like Dot Pixis are present and successfully motivate their subordinates to do their duty.

Before the fall of Wall Maria due to the Titan's raid, the quality of the troops was lax, lazy, undisciplined and unreliable; only slightly better than the military police. All that changed after Wall Maria fell. Since then, the Stationary Guard has become innovative, tactical/strategic, diligent, disciplined, competent and purposeful. This branch is currently the second most reliable military branch along with the Scouting Legion.


The only case of members of the Stationary Guard coming into contact with Titans will come from a direct confrontation due to a breach in the Wall. As such, their tactics are intertwined with civilian evacuation and Titan defenses.

Special Colossal Titan StrategyEdit


Illustrated Special Colossal Titan Strategy

In the case of a breach, the Stationary Guard must mobilize its men to confront the Titans coming in. If there is no way to block the breach, then the battle must be conducted to give enough time for all civilians in the town to escape. Upon the last civilians coming through, the gate will be closed and the district will be quarantined. It is only then, that all soldiers may escape to the safety of the Wall.

The soldiers will be arrayed to fight by skill level with soldiers increasing in skill level the closer to the evacuation point you come. The Front Guard is made of regular Stationary troops. The Middle Guard incorporates the more advanced trainers. Finally, the Rear Guard protect the base of the Wall with the elite Stationary Guard squads.

While this is going on, all attempts to stop outside Titans from entering the district short of fighting them with 3DMG will be used. This includes methods such as cannon bombardment and harpoon nets to stop Titans in their tracks by impaling them and preventing other Titans from coming through.

Outer Wall Breach Emergency PlanEdit

Because the Wall is so large, the Stationary Guard simply does not have the manpower to patrol every section. That is why districts are outcroppings of the Wall-to make Titan monitoring easier as they are naturally attracted to areas of concentrated humans. However, in Ch. 34 when the Wall is breached outside a town, this plan must be used.

The main priority of the Stationary Guard is to safely transport everyone into the next secure Wall. Failure to do so will isolate and eventually lead to the settlement being overrun. Meanwhile, the breach must be located in order to plan the next move.

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