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WARNING! THERE MAY BE SPOILERS ON THIS ARTICLE REGARDING THE LAST EPISODE OF SEASON 1! Soon after the credits roll of the final episode of Season 1, a short clip at the end shows the damage that Titan Annie created whilst climbing the wall, which reveals a cliffhanger of a Titans face assumed to be a 50 meter titan.
Attack on Titan - The Wall's Secret! (HD)00:28

Attack on Titan - The Wall's Secret! (HD)

The credits and ending scene where behind the wall, a face of an unknown titan appears.

[[File:Vlcsnap-2013-09-29-13h05m57s124.png|thumb|300px|right|Titan hidden in the wall after Annie and Eren's brawl. Pastor Nick called a cover up so the sun light wont awaken it,

We Don't Know its Full Body, It Will Hopefully Appear in Season 2 {IF THERE IS SEASON 2]

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