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To You, In 2000 Years
To You, In 2000 Years
Chapter 1, 1
Title To You, In 2000 Years
Ni-sen nen-go no Kimi e
Release date Jan 24, 2011
Chapter guide
On That Day
To You, In 2000 Years is the first chapter of Attack On Titans


The story opens with the Scouting Legion finding a dangerous target heading towards the city. Closing in, they break into five groups and start using their 3D maneuvering equipment. Just as they are about to attack, what appeared to be a dream sequence ends. As his eyes open, we are introduced to Eren Yeager, who is crying for an unknown reason, and Mikasa Ackerman, two of the central characters of the manga.

Walking through the Shiganshina District city, Eren and Mikasa encounter Hannes and a couple of soldiers guarding the gates while also lounging and drinking on the job. Eren, voicing his concerns that the soldiers won't be ready in the event of an emergency, is reassured that the Walls are 50 meters high (taller than any known Titan at this point in the manga) and there hasn't been an incident in the past 100 years. After speaking his mind on the situation, Eren and Mikasa continue on their way. Just as Mikasa starts to discourage Eren from joining the Scouting Legion in the future, bells begin to ring, signalling their return from a mission.

Their parade through town leaves Eren commenting on how so few have returned. Soon after, a mother starts to look for her son among the survivors only to find that his arm was all that was recovered. Trying to rationalize the sacrifice, she asks if his death contributed to humanity, even if in a small way. Sadly, the commanding officer says that their expedition accomplished nothing. As bystanders start to give their opinions about the deaths and the waste of tax money, Eren retaliates by throwing a stone at one of the complaining citizens. Mikasa quickly drags him away from the crowd and throws him into a nearby woodpile. Continuing the conversation she started earlier, she asks Eren if he still wants to join the Scouting Legion. After a brief pause, Eren asks Mikasa to help him pick up the scattered wood.

Now at home, we are introduced to Eren's family; his father Dr. Yeager and his mother Carla. Not long after their return, Dr. Yeager announces that he has to go to town for a couple of examinations. Against Erens wishes, Mikasa tells the family about his plans to join the Scouting Legion, leading to a sharp objection from his mother. With his father asking why he wants to go outside, Eren tells them he wants to know whats going on and to pick up where others left off so their sacrifice wouldn't be in vain. At this, Dr. Yeager says he must go. Eren's mother asks him to talk some sense into him, to which he replies, "When some body's on a quest, there's no such thing as talking them down". He then tells Eren that he will finally show him the room in the basement which he has kept secret when he returns. With Dr. Yeager gone, Eren's mother insists that he must not join the Scouting Legion and that only a fool would do so. Eren replies that to buy your safety at the cost of living like cattle is even more foolish. With this, she asks Mikasa to watch out for him.

Now we are introduced to Armin Arlelt, who is being bullied by a group of boys. The more Armin uses reason, the angrier the boys get. Finally, Eren shows up which seems to get their attention off of Armin, until they catch sight of Mikasa which causes a full retreat. As they sit by a stream, Armin gives the reason for his assault, saying that humans would eventually need to leave the city. The three then begin to talk about the social stigma of even mentioning leaving the city and its reasons. The conversation then circle back to Eren asking Mikasa why she told his parents about the Scouting Legion. Armin voices his concerns as well, but also his curiosity. As soon as the words leave his mouth, the ground starts to shake leaving the three worried about what has happened. Running out of an alley, Armin is the first to see it...the Colossal Titan attacking the city's wall.

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