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  • Trost in Manga
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The Trost District is a town located on the south edge of Wall Rose. Because Trost is the town closest to the breach in Wall Maria, it is the town that most frequently comes under attack from Titans.

Characters from Trost include Tomas Wagner  and Jean Kirstein.


Five years after the fall of Wall Maria, the Colossal Titan appears again and breaks down the outer gate, causing the town to be invaded by Titans. However, unlike the tragedy that befell at its "sister" Shiganshina half a decade ago, Trost was better fortified with twin moats dug around the inside of its outer gate to slow down the invading Titans, because of the defense, the citizens were successfully evacuated beyond the inner gate of Wall Rose. Trost was then retaken later that day when Eren changed into his Titan form to move a large boulder to block the breach in order to prevent more Titans from coming into the city, subsequently attaining Humanity's first true victory against the Titans in over a century.

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