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Ymir 2
Name Ymir
Kanji ユミル
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 15
Height 172 cm
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs.)
Affiliation Scouting Legion
Former Affiliation 104th Trainees Squad
Grad Rank Rookie
Species Human, Titan Shifter
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Ch.2 On That Day
Anime Ep.2 That Day
Anime Saki Fujita
Image Gallery

Ymir (ユミル Yumiru?) is a girl from the 104th Trainees Squad. She has the uncanny ability to read dead languages and is apparently worshiped by at least 1 Deviant Class Titan. With so many unsolved subplots and riddles involving her, she serves as a focal character.


Ymir is a complex person and doesn't like to tell any one of her past life and is very fond of Historia. At first she seems selfish, cynical, bossy, sly, uncooperative and confrontational, but she can apparently be kind, especially to Historia. She has often come down hard on people not true to themselves, especially Sasha, considering she uses proper English instead of her normal dialect. It has been confirmed by the author that she and Historia are a couple.


Ymir graduated in the 104th class outside the top 10, which Christa deems that she deserved to be there more than her. It is implied that she intentionally gave less than her full effort so that Christa could have the 10th slot. After graduation, she followed Christa into the Scouting Legion.

Ymir was in the Trost District when the Colossal Titan broke down the gate.

Ymir is one of the Scouting Legion members taken outside Wall Sina by Mike Zakarius and disarmed of her equipment on suspicion of being a potential accomplice to Annie Leonhart. When Titans mysteriously appear within Wall Rose and the rookies are sent to warn the nearby villages, Ymir recommends to Christa that they run away, but Christa refuses.

Ymir titan form

Ymir as a titan

After the rookies take refuge inside Castle Utgard, Ymir comes under suspicion by Reiner when she is able to read the label of the tuna can in another language correctly and he comes to suspect that she may know more than what she's letting on. When the castle comes under attack by Titans capable of moving at night, Ymir has a flashback of her and Christa had to help their friend Dazz. Ymir reveals that she was left on the street and had to go around and borrow money. She told Christa that she should try and start a new life instead of trying to kill herself. Ymir left Christa and managed to help Dazz. Returning to the present time, Ymir jumps from the tower and cuts herself, triggering her Titan transformation. She begins to battle the Titans to the shock of her peers.

Ymir fights the Titans strategically, aiming for the nape of their necks and showing great focus. However, while being fast and vicious, her Titan form is no larger or stronger than most Titans, and she is soon caught. The Titans attack viciously and Ymir reaches for the wall but consciously releases it as the heavily damaged tower shows signs of falling over. Christa reasons that with her power, Ymir could have easily escaped alone, and that she is putting her life on the line to fight for the recruits survival. Ymir then breaks the tower, burying the Titans under the rubble. She rescues her friends and is shown to be capable of coherent speech in her Titan form.

When the titans begin to emerge from the rubble, Ymir launches at them immediately and puts herself at risk once again. She is caught by a larger titan and all other titans then begin to tear her body apart and devour her. Her human body is shown to slowly emerge from her titan flesh while in a state of unconsciousness. In contrast to Annie, who managed to transform back to human and then back to a titan again after her titan form was torn apart, Ymir appears to be much weaker at manipulating her shapeshifting powers. 

She is last shown heavily injured and drifting in and out of consciousness. Ymir smiles after hearing Christa confess her real name.

Later on however, Ymir, along with Eren, was kidnapped by Bertholt in his Colossal Titan form.

In Ch. 46, Ymir shares Eren's frustration with Reiner and Bertholt, but she wisely tells him that it would unwise to transform into their titan forms while they're healing. Despite being dehydrated, she questions Reiner and Bertholt about their motives. They reveal everything to Ymir and Reiner points out her motive to join the Scouting Legion is to protect Historia. He and Bertholt offers her and Eren to join them to protect the remaining loved ones. Ymir considers their offer in order to protect Historia.


She is extremely intelligent as she was able to deduce the dangers that were lurking around her and Eren in chapter 46. She is also extremely observant, able to see that Reiner and Bertholt see the Ape Titan as an ally which may hint that the Ape Titan is also a Titan Shifter.


  • Her name Ymir is the very same as a primeval being in Norse mythology who is the progenitor of all Jotun, or ice giants. This could imply a connection to the Titans of Shingeki no Kyojin.
    • This is added to the fact that a 6-Meter Abnormal that encountered Survey Corp member Lise Langnar stopped and said "Ymir's People. Ymir-sama. Greetings." before bowing down in respect to Lise.
  • The official website mentions Ymir is in love with Historia (Christa)
  • Though first appeared in chapter 5 of the manga, she is not named until chapter 37.
  • It appears that as a titan, she devoured Reiner and Bertolt's family members right in front of them during their childhood. It was a fact they only realized when they saw her titan form again several years later at Castle Utgard.

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